On the way back from San Francisco/Mike and Laura’s wedding, Sarah and I had the pleasure of sitting in front of “that family”. And by “that family”, I mean the one that we’d already scoped out in the lobby when I misinterpreted their child’s screams for a cat in heat, turned to Sarah, and with a shake of my head, she understood that I would literally die if we had to sit near this family on the 6 hour flight back to Philadelphia!

So as we board the plane, I see the father wrestling his overgrown 2 year old through the aisles, tiny shoes hitting other passengers faces, as they make their way to their seats. As we make our way to ours, I can see the girl sitting in the window seat next to “that family” grimacing, as they get situated ie. pull out toys, books and smelly snacks, and speak loudly in baby talk to calm the writhing child.

Needless to say, this child cried the entire time, and although I was on the verge of losing my mind the entire plane ride, the child actually taught me a lot about parental etiquette.

Here’s my lists of things mom’s and dad’s should “check off” before deciding to board a plane with their bad ass child – and if they find that most of these apply, then they should drive, lol:

If your child has NOT grown into his or her head …

do NOT bring them on the plane, and PLEASE do not let them stand behind my seat! So if this child wasn’t kicking the back of my seat the entire plane ride, her head was bumping into it every other second. I kept my composure for the majority of the ride, but around hour4, I politely turned around to the mom and said, “Hi, I’m sorry, but the bumping on the back of the seat is slightly uncomfortable”. She laughed (as if this situation were funny … but I’ve noticed that a lot of parents do this when they know their child is terrible, as if to say, “kids will be kids”, or “isn’t it cute, even though it’s annoying as hell??”) and said, “Oh hehehehehehe, sorry, she keeps hitting her head.” So based on her answer, I assumed that she would rather allow her child to get an unnecessary concussion than to stop her from hitting her head on the back of the seat, in the name of fun. Weird.

If you get louder as the child gets louder …

As if it weren’t bad enough that this child cried the entire ride, and by cried, I mean, she wasn’t hungry or thirsty or wet, she was angry that the doll she wanted was out of her reach and that her parents had put away the paper she wanted to crumple and suck on ie. their boarding passes! So each time something didn’t go her way, she’d start howling. And, as she started howling, her parents, in a tizzy, started chattering as well – loudly. “Oh it’s ok, OH YOU’re ok, OH OH OH SHHH SHHH HERE HERE BOO BOO GA GA ME ME.” So not only is the child howling at this point, while most normal passengers are trying to sleep, but the parents add their banter to the harmony as well! No no, #2.

If you’re afraid of baby Tylenol …

Towards the end of the flight, after the poor lady next to the family had endured about 5 hours of chaos, including her bursting past the family on more than one occasion to take solace in the back of the plane – she turns to them and asks how old the child is. The mother tells her that she is 20 months, to which the passenger responds, “well isn’t she rambunctious!” In other words, you’re child is hyper! Just as adults take Xanax to calm their nerves during lengthy plane rides, there is nothing wrong with dabbing a little baby Tylenol on your child’s tongue throughout the plane ride to calm their urge to thrash – believe me, no one will think you’re a bad parent for knocking your child out – you’ll actually be thanked!

If you feed your baby “grown people food” …

Then they will have “grown people” smelling poo! This sounds terrible, and is probably too candid for most, but it’s true. If your baby goes to the bathroom like an adult, please do us all a favor and change the child IMMEDIATELY – because just as it is inappropriate for an adult, who has eaten Wendy’s or Chick-Fila in Terminal A to use the bathroom, and then let it ride for a few hours on the plane, it is equally offensive and vom worthy for your baby to do so!

*This is all in jest…I really enjoy kids, just NOT on planes! :)*


Not only do they have everything I desire, including tons of friends, no budget, fast and fancy cars, and parties that put Diddy to shame – but they have it all, at 16!!

WHAT did I do in my last life that left me 25, driving a bent-antenna-ed Nissan Sentra, and struggling to support my champagne tastes for cute sundresses, jewelry and travel, on a beer budget?! For this, I must have owned a few slaves or something!

Dear Readers and Friends,

I apologize for going AWOL, but the move to Boston is finally complete! I do however feel like the new kid on the block. I honestly haven’t felt this way since joining my sorority in 2005, and before that, it was my transition from private school to public in the 5th grade – needless to say, it’s an exciting yet awkward feeling!

Here’s what I’ve been able to take in from the city thus far as a newbie:

By car, you’ll get nowhere, but the subway is on point!

So for my first week on the job, I was commuting from a friend’s house in Hanover, MA – a 36 minute drive, that turned into a 2 hour commute each way! Needless to say, by Wednesday, I had no clue what day it was when asked, because they all seemed to run together – commute, work, gym, commute, food, sleep, commute – and so on.

So it’s no wonder that Zipcar does so well in Boston, because unless you have to make a Target run, or need to carpool to the Cape (now that I’m out of Philly, I can take ‘Shore’ out of my vocabulary, thank God), there is really no reason to have a car – especially if you are NOT a fan of gridlock, which you will definitely experience on Boston’s highways, and you can forget about going to work PERIOD if it’s raining and/or snowing, which is inevitable because Beantown has like a 9 month winter!

So now that I take the Green Line from Copley Square, my commute is 20 minutes including walk time, and I really have no need for a car. Success!

Boston loves the LGBT community

Not only were they the first state to legalize gay marriage, but they’ve really held up their end of the bargain by keeping it – and it shows! Free of flamboyantly stereotypical gay things, Boston reminds the U.S. that gays can be normal and boring too! From walking their dogs, pushing strollers and shopping at Foodies to dining at the local watering holes, the gay presence is felt – and it’s nice to see peaceful coexistence on both sides.

No one speaks or hugs

I’m from the South, so apparently that means I have a lot to learn about locking it up ie. don’t speak to anyone, and once you have gotten them to engage in conversation through overt body language, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT hug them!

This part of Boston, and maybe even the entire Northeast, is the one thing that I think will take me the longest to get used to. In the south, whether you’re boarding the bus, walking down the street or shopping at the local market, EVERYONE says hello, they also smile at you. And if that’s not friendly enough, don’t get me started on hugs – every time my mother meets someone she says, “Oh put that hand away, I hug”, and I guess it’s rubbed off on me!

Example: I met a friend for dinner on Friday evening, and as I walk up to greet her at the bar, I go in for the hug, and you would’ve thought I’d gone in for the kill, lol. Later, after trying to hug someone else and getting a similar response, I asked one of my coworkers who is from Maryland, as we’re standing at a party, whether people hug here, and he laughs and says, “Um no girl, haven’t you noticed, people don’t do that here!” Lesson learned, lol.

It’s full of young professionals

The Boston Metro is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country, thereby breeding insane amounts of yuppies – and I love it! Everywhere you go, people are having intellectual conversations, and enjoying yuppiedom – and Boston is a great place to do so. Because most people take advantage of the great educational institutions in the area, they get out of undergrad or their graduate programs and land some of the most sought after jobs, which then perpetuates the yuppiedom via their ability to sail, drink Starbucks, wear Ralph Lauren, travel and shop – I think I’ve found my home!

The city is highly driven by coffee

Boston is home to Dunkin Donuts, and rents out space to Starbucks! If there isn’t a DD on the block, then Starbucks picks up the slack by strategically placing itself there. Even my office has a free flow of coffee and espresso for the employees to consume.

So if you’ve ever been to Boston and wondered, “why everyone is walking so damned fast”, it’s because they’re all HIGH! They’re high, I tell you! And no, not on weed (although on Friday night, you could smell the aroma wafting out of every car, as Chron has been de-criminalized here), but on the Java, the Joe, the Grande Sugar Free Vanilla Frappacino’s – and if you’re wondering why I went into so much detail, it’s because I myself just had a double shot of espresso!!!

Have a great day!!!

I am on a new kick where I’ve decided that just because someone looks and smells of bum, doesn’t mean they are one – so I should not judge, and give them a shot. This epiphany came to me after many a run in with Philadelphia street people, resulting in them hurling insults in my direction for ignoring them, or me cursing them out for inappropriate looks and/or gestures – so I figured, I need to take a step back and figure out how to have better relations, since these people are a MAJOR part of my commute to and from work.

So I’m sitting at the bus stop this morning, drinking my Starbucks iced coffee, when an older woman, in sweats and a scarf, approaches my bench and takes a seat. She brings with her 2 pretzels covered in spicy mustard, and a mountain dew. She’s munching, licking her fingers and slurping down her soda – all around having an enjoyable breakfast experience. So as we’re sitting, the woman looks over and says in a gruff voice, “That chocolate coffee sho looks good”. I’m having a great day so far, so I turn to her with a smile and say, “yes, yes it is!” Next she tells me, “you sho got some beautiful teeth,” to which I say “thank you”, but she disregards it, and continues to tell me how she likes sodas other than mountain dew like cherry coke and ginger ale. At this point, I start to think, hmm maybe I should NOT have engaged in conversation – not only are we discussing different kinds of soda, but at this point, I have her lunch all over my right arm!

I slide over a bit, as she moves on to the topic of how “crazy pigeons are”. I hate pigeons as well, so I’m thinking, “hey, we have something in common, I’ll let this conversation continue.” In the middle of her speech about pigeons (“they just be dancin’ all the time”) she wastes a bit of mustard on the cement in front of our seat, reaches down with her finger, scoops up the mustard, licks it off her fingers and tells me that “pigeons just be pickin’ ALL the time”, without batting an eye! I’m assuming her previous action was to impede the pigeons from getting her delicious mustard! 

At this point, I graciously thank her for the conversation and turn to leave. As I do, she asks, “you want some pretzel” – how thoughtful, right? I graciously decline and board the bus to work.

Sometimes being nice gets you a whole lot more than you bargained for!

Lately, I feel like I am stuck in the movie Groundhog’s Day – you know the one with Bill Murray, where he wakes up every day, and it’s the same as the day before – I feel like that, except instead of crazy shenanigans, my day consists of rolling over at 7:41 a.m. (on the dot, EVERYday), to the sun peering through my blinds, groggily rolling out of bed, turning on the TV so that I can catch at least 30 good minutes of Golden Girls while getting dressed, preparing my oatmeal followed by shoveling it down my throat (try eating it every day for 2 weeks, it seriously becomes a chore), trucking my sweaty behind to the bus stop, riding the bus, walking into work, working, getting off at 7, p90x or running, eating, tv watching and sleeping – RINSE and repeat the next day!

Is it because I’m getting older that all of my days seem to run into one another? Friends will ask, “Oh what did you do on this day?”, and I honestly can’t remember if it was last Tuesday or yesterday! I feel like I have mid-20’s Alzheimer’s, and although I know that’s not the case, it still freaks me out!

So here’s my conclusion on the monotony of current 20-something life. We’ve all heard that 30 is the new 20, and I’m starting to believe it. When I was a teenager, I’d see 20-something’s frolicking with friends at boutiques, hanging out at swanky bars and restaurants, and riding, hair blowing in the wind, with the top down on their cabriolet! I was so excited for this to be me!

So now that I’m in my 20’s, the only time my hair blows is as the subway blows past me on the platform, bringing with it smells of old french fries and rat ass – and I don’t spend much time frolicking with friends either, because we’re all so busy trying to dig our heels into our careers.

Here’s a glimmer of hope though! Although I am not wishing my beloved early 20’s away, I can honestly say that I cannot wait for my late 20’s-early 30’s. With the recession, it’s taking longer for Millenials like myself to establish careers and really start living it up (ie. it’s almost impossible to do so when incomes have shifted down, and bills have shifted up), but here’s hoping that the latter part of my 20’s ushers in cash, mornings where I’m literally ecstatic to go into work, a job I’m passionate about, and FUN, fun and more fun – rinsed and repeated! :0)

My little blog about sales and life has become a fitness journal in the last few days!

So after getting my diet off the ground, I decided or was coerced ;0) into starting P90x. Like most of you, I’d heard that the program was “XTREME!”, “intense” and “impossible”, so I wasn’t quite excited to put myself through torture just to see my abs – but after coming to the realization that for most of us, it is in fact harder to lose weight and even to maintain as we progress through our 20’s, I knew I had to do something.

So here’s my pros and cons list on P90x thus far (remember, I’m 2 days in, so it’ll be interesting to see what this list looks like in a few weeks).

Pro – Proven Results

I stopped by YouTube the other day to take a look at some of the thousands of p90x result videos, and I can honestly say, that from the looks of things, people are actually getting RIPPED! I’m talking couch potatoes to body builders. I really like the fact that Tony Horton, the creator, lets you know upfront that this isn’t like Slim in 6 or those ads that tell you that in 6 days you’ll be fierce – this program actually takes work! Which brings me to …

Con – The commitment is more intense than a marriage

If you’re looking for a quick fix, which most of us are, this is unfortunately, not the program for you! I love the BeachBody Juice diets, where you drink some terrible concoction with a picture of a Gumby-looking couple on the front, and BOOM – 2 days from now, you’ve gone from a size 8 to a size 2. Sounds ideal right – but it’s totally unrealistic. I tried one once, as a quick fix, I can’t remember what I was preparing for, maybe prom or something, but after one day of not eating and drinking something that tasted like old pineapple juice, I was DONE – and STARVING!

So the reason I have this listed under cons is because it really is an extreme time commitment, but then again, that’s the healthier and more effective way to lose weight.

P90x asks that you commit to doing the Horton workouts 6 days a week for 90 days! I’m thinking, what if I forget one day or just don’t feel like it, have I defeated the purpose? No, says Horton, all that he asks is that you commit and do what you can. Sometimes I don’t even know where I’ll be in the next 3 months, so we shall see!

Pro – Tony Horton is NOT lame

We’ve all seen the Richard Simmons workout videos where he bounces around to oldies in a red/white jumper, frizzy afro in tow. It’s SO lame, and I doubt it works.

The cool thing about Tony Horton is that he’s NOT corny. He’s pretty pumped but not in an annoying way, you know, like “ooooh squeeeze, feel that burn baby!” – “Feel that beat, we’re rockin’ in the 70’s!” He’s calm and collected, yet motivating.

Con – The Supplements/Bars etc. are expensive

The p90x program touts itself as a great at-home workout, in which you need little to nothing to really succeed – just the resistance of your own body, and you’re set! But, in actuality, the first video tries to sell you a diet plan and supplements.

I’m all for trying new diets, and supplements, because you can’t get everything you need just from eating right, especially on an intense workout regimen – but after spending “just 3 small payments of $49.95”, and buying the yoga mat, the pull-up bar and the bands, it’s hard to rationalize paying an exorbitant amount for protein bars and space food!

Pro – No need for a gym membership, because this will kick your a** from your living room!

I’m not usually one for at home workouts, because there’s just something silly to me about jumping around next to my glass coffee table! I also feel less inclined to work out, if I don’t have to leave the home – there’s something motivating about leaving the house on a run, or to hit the gym. But kudos to P90 – in the last 2 days, it HAS held my attention! I like the fact that I am busting my butt from my living room, because when I’ve downloaded workout videos from On Demand, they usually consist of a small woman in an 80’s-looking leotard, and thick socks, and I barely break a sweat!

So I’m into it, I really am! Well, as into it as you can be after 2 days … stay tuned.

Dieting makes me want to die. Not literally, but why is it that once you get your mind set on “dieting”, your body begins to physically rebel for fear that you’re starving it?

After many bbqs, hot dogs, hamburgers and margaritas, it’s time to get back into shape. I figure, being a former personal trainer, for which I actually had to be certified, I should know how to do this, right? I do … but it doesn’t make it any easier.

For instance, at this very moment, I just successfully pulled off 50 push ups, and now the severe emptiness in my stomach is making me want to VOM! No pain, no gain though!

Let me give you a little background on my battle with the bulge. Unless you count my weight at birth, I have NEVER been a small girl. I was quite rotund in middle school, then semi-evened out after a pancake diet the summer before high school, ballooned back up during the middle of high school and then trimmed the fat, literally, my first year in college. I went from a size 14 – 8 (I can’t believe I’m saying this OUT loud, for the world to read!!) Recent stats say that the American woman is about a size 14, but when all your friends are size 4 white girls, your body image is a bit distorted. I always joke that if I hung out with all black girls instead, I’d feel sexy as hell with my curves! Alas, Charlottesville has deeply ingrained the prep in me …

So after college, I began working at Gold’s Gym, and I can honestly say I was in the best shape of my life! I was working out 2 times a day, burning about 800 calories, and eating rice cakes and peanut butter as full meals! And believe me, I was still on the thicker side in relation to my coworkers who lived off protein shakes! Cut to now – after leaving Gold’s and moving to Philadelphia, I’ve gained 15 pounds! 15!!!! I thought this was the kind of joke they tell you as a freshman, so that you don’t graze your way into a size 16 in the university cafeteria – but no, it’s a reality, specifically for a 25-year-old desk drone!

So here’s the test. I need to lose 5 lbs. in the next 2 weeks, followed by another 5, so on and so on. This journey will have its ups and downs, so get ready. There will be tears, over the slices of cake and Chick-fila sandwiches I can’t eat, rage over the drinks I cannot consume, and anger when I see “skinny bitches” giggling over their mocha Frappacinos at Starbucks, but in the end, I foresee lots of joy, as I cross the finish line into a healthier me!

I’ll keep you posted!



In a recent post, I talked about having a Holiday Hangover – we’ve all had it – the anxiety, the restlessness, the pure disdain for the idea of stepping back into the office, and lamenting your fabulous 3 day weekend of fun, friends and more fun. Now imagine, in the past 5 days, I’ve had the 4th of July Festivities and vacation all at once – I’m in a vacation coma.

The anxiety set in on Tuesday, my last full day of vacation, as I came back from the shore last night. What will be waiting for me when I return? A stack of cancellations? A new pay structure? OR will I walk in to a promotion?! Wishful thinking, but we’ve got to have a little of that right!?

So while I was on vacation, I spent very little time at the computer ie. the reason for my severe lapse in updating my posts. But when I sat down on Tuesday, I had a realization – Skype, once thought of as the cybersex junkies portal to the world, is actually really cool and starting to leak it’s way into everyday life – so much so, that I was reading an application online, and it asked for your “Skype Name” as one of the optional boxes, directly under your address. I turned to my friend Patrick, and we both looked at one another like, “This job can’t be legit”. But It was.

The company, an SAT prep facilitator, is based out of LA, so when they do any national recruiting, they conduct all their interviews via Skype. According to an article on CNN, Skype is changing the interview experience all together, and aside from random mishaps like a dog barking or noisy neighbors, it’s been said to go smoothly.

To me the idea is still a little scary. On one hand, it takes your travel expenses down to 0 because instead of hopping on a plane to interview for that great job in NYC, you have the ability to do so from the privacy of your own home. But on the other hand, I myself, who is usually good with technology, for some reason can’t make Skype work for me – either the other person on the line can see my nostril hair, one eye or my chest OR it’s dead on, which has NOTHING to do with me, it happens when my camera decides so.

In the end though, I can call myself  a fan of Skype now. From allowing people to connect or reconnect with their family and friends in different parts of the country, to majorly cutting down on “blind date shock” when you walk into a restaurant and realize that the person you’ve been chatting with for 6 months is actually 65 and hairy (ie. EVERYONE who is actively dating online should invest in high def camera, you want them to know what they’re getting right, lol) and even taking the edge off the interview experience, by allowing you do it from the comfort of your own desk.

How would you feel about a Skype interview?

I think it would be fun to start a weekly Pros and Cons list on Wednesdays – something to keep the momentum up, and to help me with my writing slumps :0)

Starting as a young girl, I’ve written pros and cons lists to decide where to vacation, what college to attend and even who to date (circa 6th grade),  so I thought why not continue this trend.

Today’s pros and cons list revolves around Moving. I moved to Philadelphia from Virginia 9 months ago, and although I’m having a fairly pleasant experience here, I wish I knew then the things that I know now. Moving for a job, significant other or even just for a change of scenery takes a lot of research, but it can also be quite daunting. I remember contemplating my move – I threw care and concern out the window, because I was just so excited to get out of Virginia! Don’t ask me why either – my family, friends and comfort all reside in VA, but I just needed to get out. I can honestly say that my thinking probably stemmed from the idea that your 20s are a time of seeing and doing, and because I have no children, and therefore no ties, I thought this the best time to do so.

With the job market leading people across the country in search of a career, there’s no better time to whip out an old pros and cons list, to help those of you in similar situations sort things out.

Pro and Con:

A New Experience

Before I moved to Philadelphia, I’d lived in New York City for a spell, but I’d spent the majority of my life in Virginia – between Cville and Richmond. And I honestly loved it, but I knew that I was yearning for something different.

I am an only child, so I spent a lot of time watching TV as a kid – and you know what TV tells you? Run, RUN as fast as you can to the nearest city, as soon as you’re legal – and that’s what I did! So for the same reasons I ran off to Temple University in Philly as soon as I turned 18, I ventured back to Philly at 24. I was seeking excitement, career opportunities, new friends and hopefully a whole lot of fun! I also made the same mistake that I did at 18, at 24 – I failed to do my research before moving. So although Philly has brought some great new experiences like the Shore within an hour of my apartment, the ability to reconnect with old friends, new restaurants, fabulous happy hours and the continuation of my career – it’s also brought a few bad experiences that I might’ve been prepared for had I read up on Philly, like the Parking Authority, which is the bane of my existence as I’ve probably spent $500 since I’ve been here on illegitimate parking tickets, and Philly’s code of conduct, ie. the antithesis of southern hospitality, ha


Career Opportunities

With the recession continuing to hold onto our pockets with a firm grip, people are relocating more than ever. I myself relocated in hopes of finding a bigger paycheck and valuable career experience.

A new city can offer a wealth of career opportunities by sheer scale, ie. the larger the city, the more jobs, and the better the chance of landing a great one! A new career can lend a helping hand in changing your lifestyle as well. For most of the of us, the American Dream is realized through working for a company that we believe in, making great money and spending that money on happy hours, fine dining and home decor! There’s nothing more exciting than walking out of your office on a Friday evening, having had a fabulous day at your new job, into a new city awaiting you with open arms, and promises of entertainment.


Moving is expensive

I tried to save every dime I could in the 6 months leading up to my move to Philadelphia, and after all was said and done, I ended up shoveling out more than $3000 to cover my first, last and security deposits, and incidental spending costs between my first day in Philly and when I received my first real paycheck. Believe me, there were nights when I thought, “what in the hell was I thinking…I hate ramen!”

Now that I look back on it, it was well worth it, but moving without a cushion or a credit card is a tough feat. From preliminary moving costs, ie. security deposits, to getting towed within your first week of moving, as I did, the entire process is really expensive.

My advice would be to save enough money before you move to cover your worst case scenario, being out of work. The reason I say this is because the first few months after your move, you will feel like you are working for free, ie. you’ll be spending more than you’re making, and sometimes won’t see a paycheck for weeks, if not a month after you move. So save as if you plan to be without a job for the next 6 months, and you’ll be prepared for any financial woes that come your way.


New Friends

I have been lucky enough to have the same group of girlfriends for the majority of my life, and when I went to college, I sought out similar relationships by joining my sorority, thereby securing a network of about 20 women that I could always count on for moral support – so the tough part about leaving Virginia was that I had to leave my closest confidantes behind. This is a total con, which I’ll get to later, but I also find it to be a pro.

Leaving behind my friends and family forced me to open up. When I am left alone, ie. not around the people who I know and love, I have the propensity to become a hermit, and find no problem with maintaining internet relationships from the comfort of my couch, to satisfy my desire for face-to-face interactions – I mean, who do you think Skype was created for?! But moving really forced me to make a conscious effort to say Hi to someone in my building who I might not have otherwise spoken to, or to meet a random group of people out for drinks, in hopes of sparking a new friendship.

I will say that finding friends as a city girl is really hard. Women are TOUGH! It’s not often that one feels comfortable approaching another woman in a bar to hang out – because either said girl is thinking that you’re interested in hanging out (of your pants) or she gives you the stink eye, wondering why you’re even trying to talk to her! I have found though that most times, other women are looking for friends to, so when in doubt, just speak.


You’re all alone

Not literally, but that’s how it feels sometimes, when you’ve packed up all your belongings and moved hundreds of miles away from your family, friends and familiarity.

While moving to another city offers your closest the opportunity to have a new, fun city to travel to for a visit, it’s really hard to put your life back together once you leave all you’ve ever known behind.

Reasons why I thank God for AT&T’s mobile to mobile and rollover minutes, Blackberry messenger, Facebook and text messaging (because my mom is so cute when she tries to abbreviate and keep up with current slang:0)

My advice is to join a group, choir or sports league. It’s a great way to meet new people, as everyone is doing it for the same reason. Cities are also doing a great job with Sports and Social Clubs because it gives newbies the opportunity to meet, play, drink and hang out with similar young professionals.

If you’ve relocated recently, tell me about your experience? If you’re contemplating it, tell me about that too!

It happens everyday. A customer comes into the store, the sales rep asks if she can help him find anything, he says, “No, I’m just looking”, then proceeds to ask 15 questions about service, accessories and his bill, then departs, leaving the seller feeling used 😦

I’m not sure if people understand the premise of commission based sales and just don’t care, or if they REALLY just dont get it! My check is based on your sales, so if you’ve ever thought “Maybe this sales consultant really enjoys chatting with me about phones, so much so that when I come back every other day just to ask questions about a phone I bought off line, she’s happy to have my company!” This is wrong, friends, SO wrong!

Here are a few rules for consumers, regarding commission based etiquette. This may be a refresher for some, and enlightening for others – either way, I hope you find it informative :0)

Time is Money


For every customer or client that I see who decides not to buy anything, there are at least 3 other customers that I am missing out on, who want to buy! I’ve found that after 2 years in commission based sales, I won’t even go into a retail location unless I’ve done my research and am sure I am going to buy – because the time it takes me to ask tons of questions about a product, is money being lost by that sales rep. The reason I say this is because I know the glimmer in the sales consultant’s eye (it actually resembles money signs, but it’s a glimmer nonetheless) as they see a potential customer coming through the door. I mean, I’ve been that consultant! We’re thinking, “I would LOVE to help this person spend their money, because I need to eat, go on vacation and yeah, pay my bills!” I’ve also seen that glimmer quickly fade into rage as the seller completes a presentation, and is greeted with the ever so abundant buyer cop out – “Uhh well, I was just looking today, I’ll come back.”

I actually enjoy selling, so I don’t want to give the wrong impression, but when your livelihood is based on actually completing the sales, consumers should know that “just looking” is not what we’re trying to hear, and following that up with tons of questions that monopolize our time, without paying us for it, is also not a good look!

Commission is NOT pooled

So you stop by the local Verizon store to check out the latest Droid, but you’ve forgotten about a meeting you have in 10 minutes, so you need to come back – PLEASE come back, and remember who you were working with!

One of the major reasons why having a day off in the life of a commission-er is so stressful is because you know that you’ll return the next day to find that your “be back sale” was rang up by your co-worker, because the buyer failed to mention that they’d worked with you the previous day!

I don’t think that consumers do this maliciously, I just think it’s a lack of understanding. Commission is NOT pooled. We do not get a check each month split 3 ways based on all the sales from the month. It’s every woman for herself! So everytime you visit a store, and you speak with that friendly girl behind the counter, remember that if you return to said store, and purchase that expensive device from someone else, she can’t feed her kids!

We pay for your flakiness

We’ve all done it – purchased something that we didn’t REALLY want, and then returned it. The only problem with this is that when you’re buying something like a phone, that you haven’t done your research on, and you return it because it wasn’t what you thought it was, the money comes out of people’s pockets.

I’m not saying that you should never return anything, but I would just encourage people to make informed decisions, because just as buying things costs money, so does returning things – it’s called a charge back! So if you want to buy that new phone to show off on your trip to Vegas, but want to return it as soon as you get back, don’t do it! It hurts us 😦

You get what you pay for

It’s sad but true, but when you pay less for things online, but then don’t understand the product, you’ve in essence paid for what you got.

The whole idea behind a “sales consultant” is that we can guide you toward the right decision based on your needs, answer all your questions, set up your new device and send you out the door happy! So when you purchase things online, although the price is lower, when you come into the store seeking advice and tutorials, you’re not holding up your end of the bargain. The reason why phones, computers, cars etc. are more expensive “in-store” is because you are essentially paying for the sales representatives time – so when you buy things online and then come into the store for help, you’re trumping the system.